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Media, Entertainment
& Technology M&A

Where Creativity, Innovation, and Monetization meet


Mergers & Acquisitions

Often, Media/Tech companies stand at the “crossroads” of what to do next when the current success “cycle” is completed. Understanding the “next step” desires AND capability to achieve these desires is crucial. Is leveraging the asset and taking on risk desirable? Or is an exit more desirable?

Understanding Success

Understand the options available for either leverage, growth or exit. Then create and execute the plan to present the company for sale or expansion.

Our Process

  • Understand the goals and values of your organization, as well as the outcome you desire from a transaction.

  • Leverage our large network of over 40k business leaders and robust Business Development team to identify potential targets.

  • Manage the process to remove disruption from day-to-day operations. Our team will interview interested parties, determine fit, and obtain NDAs with best fits.

  • Conduct thorough due diligence of the organization alongside your team.

  • Get the deal across the line.

  • Fully integrate the acquisition into your organization.


monetize, develop and grow

Companies and/or individuals have great ideas and create great products for engagement and consumption.  But most have challenges developing the correct road to monetization, ultimate profit and further expansion. The creative and business side of Media/Tech are not always obvious or in harmony with one another. Finding this blend of creativity and business acumen is where ultimate success lies.

Success and Growth

Working with Companies and individuals to respect the creative process and comfortably blend with a sensible business strategy to deliver the ultimate goal of success and growth.

Where We Can Help

  • Making sure the product is viable and has medium to long term appeal.

  • Clearly understanding the resources required to create the product and sustain its longevity.

  • Developing a pricing/distribution structure that will support the resources required to create and sustain the product.

  • Creating great image/ “messaging” and communication pathways to the end user.

  • Making sure the entire team “buys in” and is fully operating as a complete “well oiled” machine.


Expand Beyond Your Current

Many Media/Tech companies have achieved success in a good but limited environment. How does the entity move beyond its “boundaries” for growth and expansion? And yet maintain its “core values” and creative position while adjusting to the needs of the expanded universe?

Lay The Foundation

First understand why you want to expand beyond existing boundaries. What is the expectation for achievement? Understand what potential adjustments and/or compromises need to be made. What level of commitment is there to this expansion?

Where We Step In

  • Identify the products appeal beyond the boundaries.

  • Create a strategy/plan for expansion and setting realistic expectations.

  • Determine the resources required and determine if viable.

  • Adjust product and messaging according to the expansion requirements.

  • Execute the plan with team input and support setting clear direction for each members roll and responsibility.

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