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Growth Through Acquisition

We have walked in your shoes

The 45+ former CEOs who now serve as Managing Directors with Sellside Group have experienced the acquisition process themselves. We understand what it takes to successfully purchase and fully integrate a business.

The Sellside Group Process

  1. Getting to know you and your investment criteria

  2. Development of marketing materials

  3. Tap into our network of over 75,000 business owners and leaders

  4. 100+ business development consultants identifying and setting up meetings with prospective sellers

  5. Interview interested parties to determine fit

  6. Bring suitable sellers to the table

  7. Secure multiple attractive options

  8. Negotiate the best deal

  9. Assist through due diligence to close.

  10. Fully integrate systems, processes, and people post transaction.

Building a target List

We will work with your team to identify exactly what is important to you. This process will involve gaining an understanding of your culture, budget, desired target locations, assets you would like to see and not see, financial performance,  go to market strategy and any other criteria you deem of greatest importance.


With an understanding of your desired acquisition, Sellside Group will compile a list of fitting organizations.


Conducting Outreach

Tap-in to our vast network

Our Managing Directors originate from a variety of sectors and have built long-standing relationships with decision-makers of all kinds. Our team will leverage our relationships and bring potential sellers to the table.


Leverage a large business development team

A key differentiator to the success of partnering with Sellside Group is our robust Business Development team. With the help of this large team, we can reach far beyond our internal network to identify the best possible targets for your company.

Managing The Process

From beginning to end, our team will maintain a cadence of accountability and communication with you to remove disruption from day-to-day operations.

NDA Process and Initial Meeting

Once a prospective seller has expressed an interest to learn more, our team will handle the process of signing an NDA with them and setting up an initial meeting. If the target company is suitable, we will facilitate a meeting with your team.



We will work together with your team to negotiate the best deal with each prospective Seller.


Due Diligence

Our team will work together with your team to facilitate and answer questions through the due diligence process. We will continue to negotiate any sticking points up until closing.



Our team will be there for you every step of the way working with your internal group as well as your lawyer and financial team to facilitate closing the deal.

Concrete Steps
Highway Bridge

Seamless Integration

After the deal is complete, there is still work to be done. Sellside Group will work alongside your team to see a seamless integration of your new purchase into your existing organization. Tackling projects like:

  • Human Capital integration

  • CRM/ERP integration

  • Operations integration

  • Logistical integration

  • Supply Chain integration

  • Systems and processes integration

  • Sales Team integration

  • Marketing integration

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