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Richard Jacobs

Managing Director

President with 6 successful growth and transformative P&L assignments for diversified industrial businesses in global markets,  including Chief Supply Officer for Fortune 200 company. Track record of achieving double digit sales, margins and cash flow  growth results through strategic plans, sales & marketing commercial leadership, innovative product design & patents, M&A,  supply chain excellence and industrial automation. 

Deep knowledge of corporate governance, business control and risk management programs for industrial manufacturing  industry. As Chief Supply Officer and division President (multiple roles), ensured compliance with corporate and regulatory policy  in global environments to protect company physical and information assets, and mitigate enterprise risk factors. 

Significant expertise in strategy, global manufacturing, engineering, technology and product design and development gained  over 3 decades in senior P&L leadership roles at GE, Bendix CVS, Honeywell, Eaton and Mexichem. Demonstrated success for  quickly assessing opportunities, and generating growth through well-defined strategic plans; and investment business cases in  innovation and technology to support industrial automation solutions and smart product development. Global experience  includes 6 continents and President EMEA (lived in Hungary).  

Currently, consulting for small to medium size business including M&A activity, banking, restructuring, coaching, pricing,  business growth strategy development and manufacturing improvements. 

Personal life: Married, 3 children and hobbies include photography, art, golf and travel

Richard Jacobs
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