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Kathy Sheehy

Managing Director

Professional Background

With an illustrious career spanning four decades, Kathy has established herself as a global thought leader. Her career began in Singapore as a fashion stylist/editor, an experience that set the stage for her global explorations. Since then, she has worked and lived in Tokyo, Paris, Washington DC, Hong Kong before returning to Singapore.

Global Professional Trajectory

Kathy began working in fashion as a stylist at 'Her World', a leading women's magazine in the region. This role sparked her lifelong passion for content creation and storytelling. Her talents were further nurtured at 'SilverKris', the acclaimed lifestyle magazine of Singapore Airlines, where her innovative designs received top accolades.

She next worked as a foreign fashion correspondent in Tokyo and Paris, highlighting the trends in these cities to the Singapore audience. After upskilling in the new digital media space, Kathy joined Ogilvy in Washington DC, where she spearheaded a variety of international digital and brand projects for high-profile clients like Coke, Shell, BP, Pfizer, CDC, Mastercard, and Viagra. She brought this expertise to Asia with a stint at Ogilvy in Hong Kong, where she worked on strategic projects for prominent business magnate Lee Ka Shing, including Park and Shop and Fortress.

Returning to Singapore, she managed a regional F&B business with omni-channel multi-country exposure, building brands and distribution.

In 2019, Kathy decided to return to her first loves—branding, design, and storytelling—forming two new ventures:

  • Vita Vitae is the embodiment of Kathy's rich and diverse experiences. Under this initiative, she is dedicated to transforming companies by enhancing their brand storytelling, with the aim of effectively engaging their target audiences and unlocking their utmost potential.

  • KittyKat, a forward-thinking creative tech startup, aspires to revolutionize the world of visual branding. Kathy envisions KittyKat as the future leader in creating impactful brand visuals, essential in elevating brand value and commerce. Her belief is that consistent, high-quality branded visuals can significantly boost a brand's international appeal and equity. At KittyKat, she has successfully collaborated on numerous international consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands.

Since 2012, Kathy has been a very active member of the YPO global network. She has held many leadership roles and developed a deep international network through this involvement. She is currently the Global Chair of the YPO’s Women’s Business Network, which brings together over 3000 women leaders globally. This year, Kathy also received the YPO Alexander L. Cappello Award, the pinnacle of recognition in membership development within YPO.

Personal Life

Mirroring her professional success, Kathy's personal life is equally remarkable. She has skillfully balanced her demanding career trajectory with the joys and challenges of raising four children. This aspect of her life underscores her extraordinary capabilities in time management and organizational effectiveness.

Kathy Sheehy
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