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Ivan Comerma

Managing Director

Formerly a Director and Head of Investment Banking at Morabanc in Andorra, Ivan has spent over 24 years running the investment operations of Spanish and Andorran firms, with nearly one decade in Caixa Catalunya -third largest Savings Bank in Spain by then- as a Head of Fixed Income and Debt Capital Markets where he successfully handled the most active CDS (Credit Derivatives) desk in Spain back in the 2000s. In his role, he helped the Bank grow and consolidate its Balance Sheet by 30% through Wholesale Capital Markets activities in less than 5 years, and where new forms of debt (ABS/Covered Bonds) were adopted.

He then pioneered Investment Banking activities in the Private Banking sector in Andorra along with Morabanc back in 2008 as a Senior Managing Director and as an Executive, in charge of Treasury, Capital Markets and Asset Management operations, which included all the ALM, Portfolio Advisory and Research, Trading Desk, Funds Management, Derivatives Structuring, the Real Estate and the Private Equity divisions. As per his CIO capabilities, he was also appointed chairman of several international Management Companies and SICAV from where most of the Group’s Investments were produced. His roles also included to be a very productive and global Board Member in most of the acquisitions that the Private Equity sourced. This included Investments in the Hotel, Ports and Office Sectors in London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Brussels, Arts and Museum in Barcelona and Formula-E Holdings, a Motorsport FIA World Championship, to name a few.

Pushed by the need of independency and personal expansion, back in 2016 Ivan establishes Systema Capital with his one partner Xavier Alsina to set a full-solution provider, independent, international Family Office, focusing its activities on Southern Europe, South America, and Africa to bring their expertise in complex financial structures and illiquid assets. The aim was to bring together the ethos of investment banking with leading-edge technology, international networks, and personal relationships. Systema Capital core activities include Private Equity & Debt, Corporate Advisory and Capital Markets, Real Assets, Physical Commodities Dealing and then in 2019, Systema starts and expands Litigation Funding Structuring activities as this whole new asset class starts to develop in Southern Europe, where Systema Capital has become a key Litigation Funding player today.

Mentoring and Consulting-for-Equity is also an important part of Systema’s daily activities, essentially in the Liabilities strategic management, fundraising action plans, business development and governance areas of mainly start-ups and pre-VC companies in Europe and Latam.

Ivan holds a BA degree from Universitat de Barcelona with visits to UC Berkeley and to Harvard University as an undergraduate and then to the DePaul University/CME, Harvard University and to the NYIF as a graduate. He also holds an MBA from the IESE Business School with visits to the Stanford University and to the CEIBS both in Shanghai and in Ghana.

Skiing and Cooking lover, Ivan lives in Andorra with his 4 children, although he was born in Barcelona, Spain. He is a Chartered European Financial Analyst since 1997, holds a MEFF Futures & Options License, and he is a YPO Member since 2014 where he has acted as Family Officer in 2020 and has recently participated in the “Leadership Without Borders YPO program” from the HUMANIX Impact Group, mentoring a refugees/migrants over the summer. He has also participated as a mentor in the YPO A+ Accelerator Program.

Ivan Comerma
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