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Helena Bian

Managing Director

Helena acts as a pivotal bridge between Western and Chinese companies, fostering mutual cooperation and the pursuit of globalization. She equips Western businesses with the confidence and pathways to explore new opportunities, while also offering crucial support to Chinese enterprises looking to make their mark on the global stage.

With a keen insight into China's manufacturing landscape, particularly across the entire supply chain, and a nuanced understanding of the e-commerce sector, Helena has played a key role in establishing DTC high-end brands within China. Her expertise in global digital strategies, encompassing digital media integration and sustainable development practices, positions her as a valuable ally for Western and Chinese businesses alike, seeking to navigate the complexities of international expansions and acquisitions.

As an entrepreneur, Helena has demonstrated remarkable growth and innovation in the manufacturing sector, particularly in spearheading new product categories. Her approach to branding, which harmoniously blends artistic elements with business acumen, has garnered attention and appreciation on a global scale. Helena's ability to conceptualize and execute electronic product brands with a global outlook reflects her unique, practice-driven insights.

Her proficiency in cross-cultural communication and management stems from her extensive experience operating businesses and brands across Europe, North America, and Asia. Helena's methodological approach emphasizes leveraging the intrinsic strengths of diverse cultures to forge unified team objectives and drive collective success.

Helena's commitment to design and functionality in product management showcases her respect for expert opinions and professional users. Her dedication to creating products that are not only practical but also embody beauty and quality exemplifies her ability to connect artistic endeavors with commercial success.

Currently serving as the CEO of AEC Lighting Solutions and the founder of the Hobolite photography lighting brand, Helena continues to make significant contributions to the industry. AEC is renowned for designing and manufacturing work lights for globally recognized brands.

Helena's educational background includes a Mechanical & Electronic Engineering degree from one of China's top universities and further studies at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and the University of Rennes in France. She resides in Minneapolis with her child, where she continues to inspire with her work and vision.

Helena Bian
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