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Moksh Jain

Business Development Intern

Moksh is a sophomore at New York University's Stern School of Business, where he is pursuing a double major in finance and data science. His previous experience includes an internship at Coleville Partners, where he served as a Private Equity Analyst focused on acquiring a business in the lower middle-market. On campus, Moksh actively contributes to the Economic Development Group and Valuation Services Group, reflecting his passion for financial markets and entrepreneurship. Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Moksh enjoys astrophotography, traveling, and practicing taekwondo.

Moksh is currently working as a Business Development Consultant Intern at Sellside Group. He is enthusiastic about honing his skills in M&A, leadership, and critical thinking in this role. Moksh is dedicated to leveraging the mentorship of industry executives to excel in his endeavors and build valuable professional relationships.

Moksh Jain
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