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Jia Zhang

Business Development Intern

Jia Zhang, currently on a promising academic journey at the University of Southern California, is in the pursuit of a Master's in Financial Engineering. Driven by a fervor for crafting financial strategies and backed by a profound understanding of economic intricacies, Jia aspires to be at the forefront of innovative business solutions. This passion stems from an innate desire to enhance business performance, optimize resources, and carve a niche in a continually evolving industry. Away from the professional sphere, Jia founded a non-profit organization at University of Washington, aimed to help international students.

As a Business Development Consultant Intern at Sellside Group, she aspires to amass critical experience through collaborations with esteemed business leaders, refine her analytical and problem-solving capabilities, and cultivate a profound insight into addressing the complex challenges encountered by business proprietors.

Jia Zhang
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