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David Dunca

Business Development Intern Team Lead

David Dunca is currently entering his second year at the University of Washington pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance. During his first year, David spent lots of time expanding his knowledge in the business field taking many courses expanding across all practices in the business world ranging from financial accounting to business law to statistical methods, etc. In tandem with these courses, David further developed his leadership and communication capabilities in the business world by joining a school sponsored club called AIESEC, which helps connect business-minded individuals with business internships across the nation. This stems from his passion and pursuit to develop his leadership capabilities and hold a leadership position in a future firm. Outside of this David loves to play sports, mainly soccer, basketball, and tennis.

David is a Business Development Intern at Sellside Group. With a drive to further develop his communication capabilities and dip his feet into the consulting industry. As well as, create connections with prominent business leaders to learn from, and help their businesses succeed.

David Dunca
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