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Supply Chain management

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Rocks on Shore

Most Supply Chains are Brittle

Enormous gaps have been exposed in real-time data, processes, and systems. Demand has become unpredictable- where inventory shortages and overages are common. Deploying efficient supply chains is a broken strategy and the need for resilience is paramount


VUCA Must Be Addressed

Understanding Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity helps leaders respond to major disruptions. Unfortunately, supply chains lack a response to VUCA. A new approach to supply chain technology is needed to achieve resilience. We must take new approaches to supply chain technologies capable of managing supply chains under VUCA.


Supply Chains Are About Networks Not Link-To-Link Communications 

Typically, information in a supply chain flows from link-to-link. Each link link understands what is happening in the link before and after, but there is no view of the overall network. Given the network nature of supply chains, the planning and execution must occur across multiple parties in real-time to provide maximum asset leverage, least landed cost and the highest levels of customer service.


Supply Chains Are All About Timing

Timing in today’s supply chain demand the elimination of information delays and the providing of a real-time visibility to reduce asymmetries of information between all partners in the network. Providing real-time visibility of every order, every shipment, and all your inventories allows you to match demand with supply in real-time increasing service levels with less expediting and lower costs.


Supply Chain Staff Needs to Focus on Exceptions

Supply chain staff spend too much time handling routine tasks. Routine tasks should be handled by Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML). These AI and ML tools take a control tower view to predict problems, use prescriptive analytics to address problems, and rank alternatives.


Custom Solutions Drive Partnership Success

The logistics partnership must be based upon the unique requirements of the client and the customer service needs of the client’s customers. We bring the expertise, experience, creativity, and innovation to every partnership and customize a solution specific to each client.

Relationships Drive Success

Forget the term 3rd Party Logistics. The relationship between Sellside Group and our clients is never “third party”. Sellside Group cherishes every client and have the same passion for our client’s customers as do our clients. Our clients’ success is essential for our success.

Scalability is Vital

Many naively believe in a steady state. In reality, organizations need an agile logistics partner capable of handling ebbs and flows throughout the year. Analytics, planning and experience allows us to quickly anticipate change.

Technology is Never Easy

All too often, technology becomes a bottleneck during implementation. Flexibility helps not only in the implementation timing, but also in simplifying the disconnect in the detailed capabilities of the software.

Transparency Drives Harmony

There are too many surprises that occur within relationships between logistics partners rooted in a lack of shared expectations. This lack of shared expectation begins during go-live and continues to occur with each invoice for services and with each performance management report- often resulting in a deterioration of trust and demise of the partnership.

Together at the Top
Cloudy Fog

Speed Is Essential

Due to the uncertainty and volatility of today’s business world, the lead times of industrial development must be compressed. In fact, we often find a facility is needed in as little as 2 months from the time the need is identified. To solve this problem, we have spec buildings available and sites ready for construction.

True Partnerships Reign

We have been involved in many industrial developments where the developers’ sale’s teams have been true partners until the contracts were signed. Once signed, the facility became the objective and not the business. This is not how the partnership with us and our clients work. We partner with our clients to be sure they get the best location, facility and financial benefits from our partnership.

Deal Structure is Paramount

Many firms treat their facility assets like any other procurement and miss out on how to best structure these major opportunities to improve their company. Need to dispose of an existing facility to afford a new facility? Want a joint venture on the new facility? Whatever the need, clients are not following an industrial development process for development, but rather following the process that is best for them and the success of their businesses.

Agility Addresses VUCA

Defining of the requirements for a new facility is nearly impossible. The requirements needed in 2 years will be different from what is known today. Unsurprisingly, many industrial development projects require expensive modifications even during the construction process. Our vision of how businesses are evolving and our knowledge of development when combined with our clients’ intimate knowledge of their businesses, allow for the development of a facility with the agility to meet the future requirements with what is developed today.

Facility Excellence Begets Profitable Growth

The process described by the above four big problems prevents surprises from happening and assures not just an excellent facility, but more importantly an efficient operation within the facility that provides for profitable growth of the business. The results from our process is not that our clients get the cheapest new facility, but that clients get the facility that allows them to maximize the profitable growth of their business over time.

China Sourcing
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& Planning


Category Assessment
  • Review of total spend profile
  • Cost modeling
  • Sourcing strategy
Risk Assessment
  • Industrial risk assessment
  • Supplier risk assessment
Sourcing Execution
Supplier Identification
  • Supplier market intelligence
  • Supplier search
  • Pre screening audits
Strategic Sourcing
  • RFQ management
  • Fact based negotiation
Process Optimization

Supplier Integration
  • Process Qualification
  • CSR, QA,QC
  • Supplier development
  • Development & production process
  • Purchase order management
  • Product Sample Handling
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