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You are the owner of a quality business and have reached the stage where selling is becoming the logical next step. You know your industry better than anyone else. You have many strong relationships built over the years burnishing your reputation. Why would you need a third party to help you sell your business? Bottom line...

“You Don't Know What You Don't Know”

You may know your industry but you do not know the capital markets where the forces of Private Equity, Family Offices, Funded Sponsors, and even Strategics have completely changed the M&A landscape for middle market companies.

As a former business owner and now Managing Director with the Sellside Group, a boutique M&A firm focused on the middle market I understand the common reaction of business owners rejecting a Retainer Fee to start the selling process, even when that Retainer is ultimately credited against a future Success Fee. This is short-sighted in the extreme. The days of selling your company to an industry crony at a trade booth or at the country club are over. The M&A world is flat and if you wish to achieve maximum value for your company you need to partner with the right Investment Banker that will lead the process.

The Sellside Group is unique having the entire leadership team with backgrounds as C-Suite owners/operators of middle market businesses. We understand what it takes to build companies, grow them, and at the right time sell companies. The sales process we employ ensures our clients' story is presented to interested parties far and wide while maintaining the requisite confidentiality. The net outcome typically generates several Letters of Intent from qualified buyers where we can develop a competitive tension that drives maximum value.

Project X recently received a purchase offer on their own that fell through. After our involvement, we were successful in closing a deal for our client valued at 3X the prior offer. Project Y had a similar story where the owner received an offer prior to our engagement and we were successful in completing a transaction for nearly 2X.

Sellside Group makes a difference in terms of who we are and the process we employ in helping you sell your business for maximum value. Please keep in mind…

'The Retainer Fee You'll Never Pay May Be the Biggest Expense of Your Life'


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