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Operational excellence

Commitment, alignment, and speed

Many small and medium-size companies still manage their business through the rear-view mirror. Based on past performance, annual plans are put together and implemented. A deviation from the original plan or a missed target will lead to continual firefighting to correct the situation. What if you could see the shortfall months or quarters in advance and implement countermeasures early enough to prevent the miss? This is where Sellside Group can help.

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Value-Stream Mapping 

Establish a robust system for for tracking the process of each product from cradle-to-grave. Documenting and monitoring each step throughout the process will allow for targeted corrections aimed at increasing throughput, maximizing capacity of existing assets, and decreasing waste. Thus, driving growth throughout the entire organization.

Key Steps
  1. Culture – Focus on people

  2. Diversify supply chains

  3. Implement lean process improvement methodologies

  4. Strengthen disaster recovery plans

  5. Commit to continuous improvement – strategic deployment

  6. Improve communication real time

  7. Utilize DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Controls

Blocking & Tackling 
  • Defining room for improvement

  • Capture potential solutions and associated potential value

  • Create an action plan

  • Implement plans

  • Realize the value added

Modern Architecture

Analyze your digital & data ecosystems

SellSide partners with you to identify the right vendor/supplier/software platform fitting for your needs.  Helping you through the questions of building or buying, hiring or outsourcing, software selection, and ultimate contract negotiations.  Then we will manage the digital projects building/configuring, helping you set-up training, implementation and support plans along the way.

Digital Transformation


Struggling with how to digitize your business?  Have too many disconnected or legacy systems?  Understanding the costs, risks, returns, and overall health of your digital ecosystem can be overwhelming. 

SellSide offers full evaluation services on your digital ecosystem, customized recommendations on achieving a digitized business (client facing and internal) and project management of implementation.

Data Health

Data driven decision making is on the rise.  However, many organizations struggle to collect, maintain, and report on their data.  Data and reporting can be fractured by cumbersome IT toolsets, poor data quality, bad collection design, and many more threats. 

SellSide offers full data and reporting evaluation services with customized solution recommendations and project management of implementation.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are rapidly becoming cost-effective and scalable for nearly every business.  Specifically, we look for emerging technologies, like IoT, AR / VR, and machine learning, to advance critical areas.

SellSide offers a full evaluation of emerging technologies customized for your business that get work done smarter, quicker and fully digitalized.

Quality Management

Develop a customized list of quality management programs, quality strategies and quality enhancement programs designed to increase your customer satisfaction, decrease your costs, and improve your revenue. In conjunction with your team, we then choose the first project to tackle and get to work.

Laser Cut Steel
Quality Strategy


Quality management is critical to the success of a business.  Accreditations and certifications (like ISO, NADCAP, etc) can increase revenue streams, enhance the sustainability of your business and increased customer retention.  Product certifications and product standards are critical to selling to critical businesses.

SellSide Executives partner with you to develop a strategic vision for quality accreditations and/or product certifications and we provide customized recommendations and plans on how to achieve that vision.

Quality Enhancement

Quality enhancement systems, continuous improvement programs and other quality systems (like Total Quality, Lean, etc) all have pros and cons.  Deciding which is right for your business, or customizing your own approach, can be daunting.

SellSide partners with you to design customized quality enhancement (defect/rework reduction) programs, data collection, design of experiments, statistical analysis programs, and more.

Supplier Quality

Supplier quality can make or break the quality of your products (or large investments). 

SellSide offers customized global recommendations for vendor surveillance, product inspection, transportation inspection, factory acceptance testing, and product sampling and testing.

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