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Michael Synn

Managing Director

Michael leverages his 30+ years of experience in Financial Services and technology to empower business owners and management teams to maximize the value of their companies. Having spent 16 years–the last 7 years as SVP & co-CTO of Infrastructure–at Broadridge Financial Solutions, a global fintech leader whose solutions enable corporate governance, power capital markets, and facilitate growth in wealth and investment management, Michael has deep understanding of the challenges faced by technology leaders, business & product owners, and C-suite & board members. With over 40 acquisitions during the 16 years, Michael has extensive experience in assessing product viability, technology soundness, people/team alignment, risk management, and infrastructure & application integration. Michael provides expert guidance and support tailored to each client's unique needs.

Michael currently advises several series A-C startups, working with Founders/CEO/CTO/CROs to best align technology, product, pricing, and marketing to scale sales and expand into Financial Services markets.

Michael's Core Competencies and Skills:

  • Strategic sale process and acquisitions expertise

  • Extensive experience in Financial Services and technology

  • Proven track record in leading global infrastructure and software engineering teams

  • Expertise in developing and mentoring leaders, and driving organizational alignment and cultural transformations

  • Skilled in strategy development, innovative product development, and execution of large transformational programs

  • Strong understanding of the challenges faced by Founders, CEOs, and Management teams in developing and executing Sales and Merger & Acquisition strategies

Michael's approach aligns with Sellside Group's purpose and principles, challenging traditional thinking, driving sustainability, uncovering competitive advantages, leading with integrity, and growing by growing others. He is committed to maximizing the value of clients' businesses through successful exits, strategic mergers and acquisitions, while staying true to the unique vision and goals of each client.

Michael Synn
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