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Michael Burress

Managing Director

Michael has spent the last 25 years building and operating companies with the end goal of a successful exit. His experience is through multiple sectors including manufacturing, water midstream infrastructure and healthcare. The varied background comes from the private equity market. He has been on both the raise side and commitment side of the transaction. In gaining the expertise he is well versed in operations, finance, negotiation of asset purchase agreements and joint ventures.

During the 25 years he founded Fulcrum Specialty Resources a water midstream business in the Delaware Basin and successfully sold the business. In addition, he created Oncuris with Dr James Doty Clinical Head of Neurosurgery at Stanford to treat cancer with stereotactic radiosurgery and sold it to two large hospital systems. These are a few of the endeavors founded and operated by Mr. Burress. He is driven to create value through hands-on operational improvements and a partnership approach.

Michael Burress
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