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Jake Kikta

Chief Operating Officer

Jake Kikta is an accomplished leader with a unique blend of experience in international business and military service. As the leader of Sellside Group’s international business development team, he has a track record of building strategic partnerships and expanding business operations across multiple industries around the world.

Prior to Sellside Group Jake served as an infantry marine, where he developed a deep understanding of leadership and team building in high-pressure environments. He has leveraged this experience to become an expert in leadership training and development, helping organizations build high-performing teams that deliver exceptional results.

As a leader, Jake has a reputation for developing teams that are both results-oriented and focused on the well-being of their members. He is passionate about helping organizations achieve their full potential and is dedicated to making a positive impact.

Jake holds a degree from DePaul University, where he studied management and economics. He currently resides in the greater Chicagoland area where he spends his time renovating a 140-year-old home.

Jake Kikta
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