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Yash Guptaa

Business Development Intern

Yash is pursuing a Master's in Business Analytics at SMU Cox School of Business, with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of data and its practical applications. He is a seasoned professional hailing from India and possesses a wealth of experience in the B2C consumer goods sector within the Edu-tech industry. In his previous role as a senior manager of sales, he successfully led a team of more than 70 associates. In addition to his full-time responsibilities, Yash also ventured into entrepreneurship with the launch of, a digital platform that aims to destigmatize mental health care by providing easy access to qualified professionals. Yash enjoys hiking, 8-ball, and anime outside of the office.


Yash is a Business Development Consultant Intern at SellSide Group where he is determined to leverage this knowledge to grow as a successful entrepreneur, specifically in the field of Mergers and Acquisition and Management Consulting. 

Yash Guptaa
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