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Victoria Pan

Business Development Intern

Victoria Pan is a highly motivated and accomplished individual with a passion for the financial service industry. Currently pursuing a Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management at Columbia University. With a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a minor in Informatics from the University of Washington, she has already established a strong foundation in quantitative analysis and economic principles.

Victoria's professional experience spans diverse industries and countries. As a Market Development Intern at CITIC Securities in China, she effectively evaluated risk indexes, calculated return rates, and visualized data for asset management. Her internships in the personal insurance business department at China Taiping Life Insurance and as a government and enterprise account manager at China Mobile showcased Victoria's adaptability and strategic mindset. She demonstrated her skills in sales strategies, client relationship management, and risk assessment, contributing to the success and growth of these organizations.

Proficient in data analysis, visualization, and information management using tools such as R, Python, SQL, and Excel VBA, Victoria possesses a strong analytical acumen. She combines her technical skills with effective communication and leadership abilities to drive results and foster collaboration.

Outside of school, she enjoys skiing, hiking, and engaging in various outdoor activities.

With her diverse background, strong academic achievements, and international experiences, Victoria is excited to continue honing her skills and contributing to M&A Consultant Intern at Sellside Group.

Victoria Pan
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