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Tomás Burgaleta

Business Development Intern

Tomás is a curious person who loves learning about new ideas that improve the world. From Madrid, he has an entrepreneurial and international background, founding projects during High School and University, he has created value for his community while gaining experience across various industries. In 2020, he developed a platform dedicated to the resale of used schoolbooks, managing a 2,000-book inventory and meeting customer demands for over 2 years.

He is a senior pursuing a double major in Law and Business Administration at University Carlos III of Madrid. Currently studying at Tulane Law School as an exchange student, specializing in International and Maritime law, and is a member of the Maritime Law Society. Also, he studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the 2021/22 term, and he has also lived in China, Sweden and England. He fluently speaks Spanish and English, and is improving his French and Italian.

Currently a Business Development Consultant Intern at Sellside Group, where he hopes to gain experience, learn, and create meaningful impact for the company. Based in New Orleans, he enjoys surfing, tennis, studying philosophy and traveling.

Tomás Burgaleta
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