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Noel Wolf

Business Development Intern

Noel Wolf is a third-year student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, currently pursuing a comprehensive education in economics and entrepreneurship as part of the Shuford Program. Within the university community, Noel actively engages in various roles and responsibilities, including membership in the student venture capitalist club, participation as a council member on the Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program board, and served as a member of the Division I UNC cheerleading team. In addition to his academic pursuits and extracurricular involvements, Noel indulges in his passion for playing the piano, reading, rock climbing, and soccer during his leisure time.

Noel is a Business Development Consultant Intern at Sellside Group, where he hopes to gain hands-on experience working with industry professionals and develop meaningful connections with business leaders while helping their businesses grow and thrive.

Noel Wolf
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