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Mehtaab Singh

Business Development Intern

Mehtaab is a sophomore at the University of Washington, he is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Finance at the Michael G. Foster School of Business. In his time at Foster, Mehtaab has gained experience in both investment banking and management consulting through his involvement with on-campus programs, namely the UW Investment Banking Accelerator program and the UW Consulting Association. He recently interned at Alethea Capital Management where he gained experience projecting out financial statements, developing precedent transactions, and creating discounted cash flow analysis’, while providing rationale for assumptions. In his free time, Mehtaab is an avid skier, hiker, and backpacker in the Pacific Northwest area.

With his experience in both banking and consulting industries, Mehtaab is a Business Development Consultant Intern at Sellside Group, where he hopes to create meaningful connections with business leaders, gain relevant M&A and consulting industry experience, and further develop his problem solving skills to help meet the needs of clients.

Mehtaab Singh
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