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Matsuka Gaja

Business Development Intern

Matsuka Gaja is an incoming second-year student at Rice University pursuing a major in business finance and a minor in data science. On campus, Matsuka is involved in 180 Degrees Consulting Club as a consultant where she works with real-life clients to compose strategy recommendations through collaborating with other consultants. As a college representative on Rice Women’s Business Clubs’ board, Matsuka is passionate about learning about the intersection between business, technology, and diverse cultures. Outside of academics, Matsuka enjoys working as a boba barista and sports such as tennis and basketball. 

Matsuka is a Business Development Consultant Intern at Sellside Group where she is eager to gain valuable experiences and relationships under the guidance of experienced managing directors and executives with diverse backgrounds and expertise. She hopes to cultivate both her business and personal skills through projects with real clients by collaborating with her fellow interns. 

Matsuka Gaja
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