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Kai-En Cheng

Business Development Intern

Kai-En Cheng is an ambitious and committed rising senior at the University of Washington, where he is majoring in Economics. Kai-En’s academic journey is rooted in his aspiration to immerse himself in the world of investment banking upon graduation.

Kai-En is currently broadening his professional experience as a Business Development Consultant Intern at Sellside Group. In this role, he is eager to form lasting, impactful relationships with business owners and managers. His aim is to solve their most challenging problems through his unique perspective as an economics student, using his skills to interpret and forecast market and financial trends.

Upon graduation, Kai-En's ultimate goal is to leverage these experiences to establish himself as a competent and dedicated investment banker. His enthusiasm for Economics, coupled with his leadership abilities and professional experience, equips him with the skills necessary to excel in his future as an investment banker.

Kai-En Cheng
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