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Elayne Chen

Business Development Intern

Elayne Chen is a Class of 2023 graduate from Brandeis University with a B.S. degree in Economics and Applied Mathematics, and a minor in Business. Elayne has previous experience interning at NERA Economic Consulting working within the Energy, Environment, Communication, and Infrastructure practice area, where she conducted research, studied methodologies, and utilized various analysis tools. She was a Customer Service intern at Solco Healthcare, where she worked in cross-functional teams to validate data in Excel and SAP. Through these internships, Elayne developed a strong qualitative and quantitative background, and hopes to apply her skills towards consulting.. As a TAMID alumni, Elayne worked with Israeli startups throughout her college career to provide consulting services across various industries, ranging from tech, inventory management, to finance. Through other organizations, Elayne has served as a project manager, event coordinator, outreach, and as an instructor, amongst other roles. In her personal life, Elayne enjoys weightlifting, traveling, and trying different cuisines.

Elayne is a Business Development Consultant Intern at Sellside Group, looking to get more hands-on experience interacting with clients and developing her consulting skills. She is eager to collaborate with Sellside Group’s managing directors and with the rest of the business development team to address continuously changing business challenges.

Elayne Chen
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