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Aditya Roy

Business Development Intern

Aditya is a recent graduate from Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences, holding a Bachelor of Science in Economics with majors in Economics and minors in Business. Aditya has a strong background in finance and a passion for economic analysis.


Aditya has professional experience in internships at ITC Limited and Ernst and Young Limited where Aditya has gained knowledge and skills in financial analysis, economic transactions, and marketing.


In addition to Aditya's professional experience, Aditya also has demonstrated leadership experience as a prominent member of the Finance and Investment Club at Boston University, where Aditya helped organize community service and social events to foster engagement between members, alumni, and faculty. Aditya was also actively involved in the Boston University Consulting Group, where Aditya has implemented new strategies, structured engagement programs, and overseen successful engagement projects between clients and teams.


Aditya is a Business Development Consultant intern at SellSide Group where Aditya is focused on understanding of manufacturing establishments in defense, aerospace and 3D printing industry and conducting to understand the financial and growth positions of companies in these industries. Aditya is driven to continue learning and growing in the consulting and business development field and is dedicated to providing top-notch consulting services to clients.

Aditya Roy
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