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Scale, Growth, & Transformations

Toy Brain

Strategic Initiatives

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities organizations face in today's rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Every engagement offers tailored strategic planning and execution services designed to achieve growth and expansion objectives. 


We provide detailed implementation plans that outline specific steps and timelines for achieving each goal, and work closely with your leadership to ensure successful execution with measurable results. With our team, you will gain a clear understanding of your competitive position in the market, identify new growth opportunities, and chart a course for long-term success.

Where We Can Help

  • Conduct a comprehensive market analysis to identify healthcare needs, competitive landscape, and opportunities to retain patients.

  • Define a clear purpose for the organization that align with the short and long-term goals.

  • Develop strategic goals and initiatives that are specific, measurable, achievable, and aligned with your purpose.

  • Provide detailed execution plans that outline specific steps and timelines for achieving each strategic goal.

Digital Network

Digital Transformations

Most companies now find themselves in a competitive situation where speed to market, cyber protection and innovation are as important as stable systems that meet uptime service level agreements. The common challenge is that the IT function was designed in a different era and cannot adapt to the new realities of speed, agility, collaboration, and innovation.

Sellside group works with you to envision a new digital ecosystem and operating model that reflects changes in how modern systems are constructed, advances in technology, and the need to work with patients, customers, and 3rd parties.

Setting up for success

Business transformations are often large, complex and “bet the company” types of initiatives. SellSide group works with you to set the program up for success which often involves the scoping, business case, governance and talent assigned to execute. In some cases, our clients already have a program up and running but it is not meeting expectations; in these situations we will bring an experienced and a fresh perspective to remediate the program and get it back on track.

Where We Step In

  • Review the current IT organization design, performance, and skill sets and compare that to the business requirements

  • Consider the technology direction such as cloud, buy vs build, digital, and AI/ Machine learning

  • Review design alternatives and best practices to decide on a future design

  • Review with leadership and gain alignment

  • Market internally and secure key IT staff needed for the future design.

Blue Background

Mergers & Acquisitions

Growth through acquisition can be a strategic move to expand service offerings and retain patient revenue, increase market share, access new geographic markets, and acquire talented healthcare professionals. Our team works alongside yours to conduct due diligence and develop a clear integration plan to mitigate risks and ensure a successful outcome.

Understanding Success

Understand the options available for either leverage, growth or exit. Then create and execute the plan to present the company for sale or expansion.

Our Process

  • Understand the goals and values of your organization, as well as the outcome you desire from a transaction.

  • Leverage our large network of over 50k business leaders and robust Business Development team to identify potential targets.

  • Manage the process to remove disruption from day-to-day operations. Our team will interview interested parties, determine fit, and obtain NDAs with best fits.

  • Conduct thorough due diligence of the organization alongside your team.

  • Get the deal across the line.

  • Fully integrate the acquisition into your organization.

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