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Customer-centered Solutions

Effectively reaching customers through eCommerce resides at the cross-section of entrepreneurial ideas, agile technology and best in class operating infrastructures.

With C-level expertise in Amazon marketplace management, eCommerce, DTC & B2B sales and multi-channel retail, our executives bring a unique perspective in delineating the best investment and growth strategies to optimize operations, limit risk, and deliver sustainable financial results in these fast-paced ever-changing business and market climates.



  • Identify strengths and deficiencies

  • Present a clear plan to fill gaps and place personnel in positions best fitting to them

  • Work with leadership to source outstanding talent


  • Determine if current processes and dashboards follow best practices

  • Review roles & responsibilities, how to guides, and evaluation & feedback processes

  • Outline optimal dashboards that allow the business to meet growth and profitability objectives


  • Review financial performance of the business

  • Deep dive into top products

  • Understand and evaluate current Go-To-Market strategy

Amazon & Marketplace

A trusted partner in adoption and implementation of Amazon excellence programs.


  • Audit existing Amazon capabilities within the organization

  • Implement amazon tools & resources

  • Share Amazon best practices:

Organic ranking

Product Page Content

Product reviews evaluation

Amazon brand store

Training & certification

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White Pathway

DTC eCommerce

An eCommerce audit and Go-to-Market analysis will result in a clear path forward; outlining strengths, areas to improve, and a detailed approach to address resource and execution gaps.

  • Review of current DTC or B2B strategy

  • Understand customer experience

  • Ensure the business has an integrated platform to scale

  • Understand traffic sources

  • Evaluation of key programs in place​:

Paid advertising


Influencer marketing


Content plan



Product reviews

Direct mail

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